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  High End CNC Equipment Co. Ltd, is located in Lu'an Economic Development Zone Chinese intelligent equipment Industrial Park, South Korea joint venture, a total investment of 180 million yuan, the company introduced the high precision Longmen five face machining center, high precision horizontal machining center, vertical machining center machine tool production and processing, and is equipped with three high precision coordinate measuring instrument, laser interferometer, balancing instrument, test equipment spindle temperature rise test bench test. To create a set of constant temperature precision machining workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop, precision sheet metal workshop, high standards of CNC machine tools in the integration of the intelligent equipment spraying workshop Factory  

    High End CNC Equipment Co. Ltd, division and automobile and engineering machinery division. CNC machine tool division is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacturing CNC horizontal lathe, CNC vertical lathe, vertical machining center, Longmen processing center, CNC machine tools and industrial robots and other five series of products; automobile and engineering machinery department is committed to research and development, production automobile and engineering machinery parts, accessories, accessories and other equipment automatic production line, CNC machine tools and industrial robots intelligent production line products, products are widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, petrochemical valves, gas, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, military products and other fields.

    High End CNC Equipment Co. Ltd, dedicated to high-end CNC machine tools, the development of high-end CNC machine tools to Europe and the United States intelligence in the direction of product performance. The spirit of intelligence, high speed, high precision, the concept of green design, intelligent, multi axis, composite, specialization, automation for research purposes, within the next five years Haiente CNC equipment Chinese will become the largest in central CNC machine tools and intelligent industrial equipment R & D and production base.